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ELODIE CNY Promotion 新年限时福利!买买买 省省省!

CNY Promotion 新年超大福利!

新年快到啦! 又到了买美美的衣服的季节! 出了美美的衣服,美美的内在美一样重要哦!

小仙女就是要从内美到外! 好的内衣能够承托出好看的胸型!让你的颜值⬆️⬆️⬆️

福利1⃣ / Promotion 1⃣

新上架的新春款本命红内衣来咯! 红彤彤 帮你转运 招好运!!

Chinese New Year Must Buy Collection Launched! Red Lingerie for your CNY!


福利2⃣ / Promotion 2⃣

Spend RM150 Get Free Panty Set

🈵️RM150 送超值内裤礼盒一套

Spend RM200 Get Free Bra

🈵️RM200 送超值内裤礼盒一套

福利3⃣ / Promotion 3⃣

新年领红包啦🧧!Elodie 家送红包啦! 满额直接扣!

单笔订单🈵️RM198 立减 RM8

单笔订单🈵️RM298 立减 RM18

(CNY Red AngPao🧧)

 RM8 OFF when Purchase RM198

RM18 OFF when Purchase RM298

福利4⃣ / Promotion 4⃣



🌹Purchase above RM158 able to get 8% cash-back.

The credit will automatically save into your register account on ELODIE's website.

For next time purchase, the credit can use to get the discount.


**CNY Promo only available for log in member

更多网站宠粉福利!Other Promotion⬇️⬇️⬇️

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